Miles Goldstein LCSW-C, ACSW

miles My work as a therapist is expanding to provide services to the older population of adults who are struggling with aging. Older people struggle with finding purpose and positivity. They need coping skills of a positive mindset, help with issues of retirement, support in dealing with health concerns, and compassion related to feelings of loneliness. 

I continue to provide services for children, teens, and adults. I will be starting men’s groups for men of all ages to deal with issues around relationships. My work with body-mind techniques, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and somatic experiences are helpful in relieving stress and trauma. My training as a yoga teacher and visualization  practices can help calm the body when stress overwhelms us. Using these modalities with cognitive behavioral therapy are helpful in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. I look forward to using my skills to help people find better ways of coping while increasing resilience in their lives.

I can be reached at (240)472-3992